Aircraft manufacture

The main Ilyushin Aviation Complex PJSC activity is aircraft engineering.

Aircraft building is a long process lasting for 5-8 years on average, which begins from bringing forth the idea and ends with serial production launching. In this regard, the role of engineering, requiring large-scale research calculations, graphic works, etc. is of great importance. IL PJSC engineering process is carried out by various technicians, complex production and laboratorial departments.

The Aviation Complex is comprised of the main structural subdivisions: Development Design Office, Test Production Department, test-flight and development flight facilities, making provision for all the aircraft engineering cycle: design planning, manufacturing, testing and certification.

The aircraft building process comprises several stages:

  • Pilot project development;
  • Detailed design, model board, technical plan drafting
  • Full-scale engineering
  • Build-up, flight tests and test model certification
  • Serial production

The opening stage of the detailed design results in pilot, draft, technical projects and a model board creation depending on the development phase.

A customer approved project is of basic importance for the start of detailed engineering carried out by the Development Design Office.

The result of the aircraft design process is the product conception, which is delivered to proper instances:

  • research institutes dedicated to the industry;
  • potential customer;
  • public institutions of the Russian Federation.

After the product conception approval starts the design project development with implication of the customer facilities. This stage includes detailed project definition with due regard to aviation regulations and IL PJSC quality policy. Work is carried out on a wider scale with involvement of research institutes, industry, engine, onboard systems and equipment designers, implementation of exploratory tests and model blowdown in Central Institute of Aerohydrodynamics.

Development Design Office departments are involved in the aircraft engineering during all the stages.

Project development is carried out in the Design Project Bureau which comprises the Departments of Aircraft Configuration, Onboard Systems, Aerodynamics, Weight Control and Aerodynamic models engineering.

The Bureau operates under the guidance of the General Director - Chief Designer.

The Design Project Bureau objective is to develop technical configuration of new planes and modifications on the basis of the customer technical design assignment, to examine modern requirements for aircraft engineering, to elaborate aircraft systems standards, to make up their design and to analyze global developments.

Other departments take stand on the Design Project Bureau data to carry out further project activities.

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