In purpose to provide up-to-date and perspective requirements, raised for aviation technics, PJSC «IL» executes work on modernization of system and equipment of existing in-service IL aircraft.

Active work on modernization of IL-76, IL-38, IL-96-300 and others were carried out in Aviation Complex Ilyushin in last years.

At own Base in city of Zhukovskiy within the framework of modernization conducting of aircraft, PJSC «IL» executes the following works:

  • Mounting of new engines (for IL-76 Aircraft);
  • Mounting of new digital communication complexes;
  • Modernization of landing gears and brake system;
  • Positioning of armament and navigation flight system;
  • Modernization of the pilot’s cockpit («glass cockpit»);
  • Positioning of special purposes complexes;
  • Re-equipment of passenger IL aircraft interior into the cabins of special purposes aircraft;
  • Re-equipment of passenger aircraft into the cargo versions.

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