Maintenance support 

According to the Air Code of the Russian Federation, the Public Joint Stock Company «IL» was certificated and granted the right to provide maintenance services for all ILYUSHIN aircraft.

The maintenance scheme, its volume and frequency are predetermined in the Maintenance Schedule issued for every aircraft type.

The Maintenance Schedule stipulate the individual work items as follows:

  1. line maintenance services;
  2. periodic maintenance services (according to flight hours of the aircraft frame);
  3. calendar maintenance services (with low average monthly value of flight hours);
  4. maintenance in store during the aircraft storage;
  5. maintenance after emergency procedures performed in flight or on the ground.

No. Aircraft Types of works Checklists to be carried out
1.IL-103Line maintenance
Periodic maintenance
Preflight maintenance, after- flight maintenance, A.
2. IL-76T (TD) Line maintenance
Periodic maintenance
VS, OS, OV,  А1,  А2, B.
3.IL-96-300 Line maintenance
Periodic maintenance
VS, OS, OV, А1, А2, B.
4.IL-114 Line maintenance

Periodic maintenance

А1, А2, B.

The executed types of works are carried out in the scope and according to the technologies stipulated by the appropriate operation and design documents put in force in accordance with the established order and by virtue of the Certificate of Compliance, and licenses granted by the Aviation Authority of the Russian Federation to the Public Joint Stock Company «IL».

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