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Page «Il» PJSC Aviation Training Centre

«Il» PJSC Aviation Training Centre was founded on April 1, 1998. Since the foundation of the Training Centre, approximately 3200 people have passed the retraining courses including specialists of aircrew and technical crew of Cuba, India, and Jordan. 

The training is performed by the trainers, instructors and designers being the acting designers of Il-type aircraft – that guarantees the professional competence of the training personnel for all the disciplines studied. The training personnel have passed the training in accordance with «Act on Education in the Russian Federation» and have the duly issued training permit certificates.    

The training premises of «Il» PJSC Aviation Training Centre designed for air specialists training comprise the following technical training aids:

  • Training classes;
  • Flight simulator;
  • Cockpit procedures simulator;
  • Landing gear simulator;
  • Computer-aided training aids;
  • Library with reading room with technical and operational documentation and instructional literature;
  • The training of air specialists is performed at «Il» OJSC Flight Test and Development Base in Zhukovsky as well as at flight bases of the operators, the aircraft customers.

«Il» PJSC Aviation Training Centre offers the following professional training courses for aviation specialists:

1. Further education courses for the following aviation specialists:

  • Aircrew of Il-76, Il-96-300 aircraft, and their modifications;
  • Technical maintenance crew of Il-76, Il-96, Il-114, and their modifications.

2. Aircraft retraining courses:

  • Technical maintenance crew of Il-76, Il-96, Il-114, and their modifications.

Further Education Programs and Aircraft Retraining Programs are approved by the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Upon the completion of training, the trainees receive the duly issued training certificates.